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  1. Regeltestavond – keihard blokken, written skills
  2. March 5th was….awesome!
  3. February 19: Workshop skate gear!
  4. MST theory test
  5. New outdoor track lining


March 5, 2016
March 5th was….awesome!

When we started this club in 2015 we would have never dreamt of this. To put on a double header on our 1-year-anniversary and participate with a full A team! To top it all off we had more than 200 people in attendance and we also scored more than a hundred points (which is a…

February 19, 2016
February 19: Workshop skate gear!

On february the 19th ‘Dirty Job’, owner (and skater) of Amsterdam store “The Derby Shop”, will give a clinic about skate gear for anyone from our club that wants to attend. During this clinic she will explain everything there is to know about protection equipment, skates, wheels and how to best maintain all of these things. She will…

February 18, 2016
MST theory test

The theoretical portion is one part of the Minimal Skills Test (MST) which is very important in roller derby. Together with the practical part of the MST this test will allow you to compete in official bouts. A passed theory test is valid for 1 year. This is why there will be multiple test administrations…

January 10, 2016
New outdoor track lining

Thanks to the city council of Nijmegen this past december new track lining has been realised on the concrete section of the outdoors sporting area in the Goffert Park in Nijmegen. With some help from Miss and Saint the track lines were put into place and later sprayed on by qualified professionals. A big step…