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  2. Bingo Night, Feb 16
  3. Fresh Meat Bootcamp
  4. [DUTCH] “Meedoen-regeling” van Gemeente Nijmegen ook van toepassing bij Roadkill Rollers
  5. Fresh Meat Open training an exciting success!


March 4, 2018
Bingo Night, Feb 16

The Roadkill Bingo Night was a great success. Costumes were worn, prizes were won and fun was had. Here are some pictures. Enjoy all the prizes you won. And also, if you have any ideas for quirky prizes for next year, feel free to submit ideas. Pictures courtesy of Linda Arts.

January 21, 2018
Fresh Meat Bootcamp

Roadkill Rollers is once again organiszing their annual Fresh Meat Bootcamp on March 4, 2018. This bootcamp will be focussed on the essential beginners skills for the MST. But advanced skaters can also apply if they wish tyo refresh their basic skills. Also a good opportunity to get to know other skaters and challenge yourself…

January 7, 2018
[DUTCH] “Meedoen-regeling” van Gemeente Nijmegen ook van toepassing bij Roadkill Rollers

Na een leuke periode van constructieve gesprekken, onderzoek en ondersteuning vanuit de buurtcoach, is Roadkill Rollers nu officieel partner van de gemeente Nijmegen m.b.t. de Meedoen-regeling. Wat is de Meedoen-regeling? Voor iedereen wiens inkomen aan de lage kant is en die weinig ruimte heeft voor bijvoorbeeld het Roadkill lidmaatschap, kan dit een uitkomst zijn:…/uitkering-schul…/meedoen-regeling/…

January 6, 2018
Fresh Meat Open training an exciting success!

Our Fresh Meat Open Training was an outstanding success and a fun evening to boot. Let’s hope we see everyone enroll into the new season!

December 4, 2017
January 5: Fresh Meat Night!

Start 2018 off the right way: by joining the Roadkill Rollers and try out Roller Derby! Friday January the 5th Roadkill Rollers will hold their bi-annual Fresh Meat Night. This is an open training for anyone that is interested. If you have never skated before…come by and we’ll show you how! If you have skated…

November 8, 2017
Twente and Nijmegen team up for a double header!

SAVE THE DATE for a roller derby double header in Nijmegen – free entrance! This double header is a cooperation between Roller Derby Twente and the Roadkill Rollers. Everybody likes some support from the stands, so make yourself useful and let us hear you cheer during the two games! | Doors open: 12:30h | First…

November 1, 2017

FRIGHTS, THRILLS, GHOULS, GHOSTS….DERBY! Last Tuesday 31-10 Roadkill Rollers held their annual Halloween practice night. A night where we abandon the strict training regime and mix up the fresh meat and A-team members. Everyone dresses up as monsters and battles each other like monsters. All in good fun though as you can see from the…

September 21, 2017
People from Nimma!

Miss and Sim Reaper got interviewed for the local newscolumn “Mensen uit Nijmegen”. It’s in Dutch unfortunately but if you want to give your Dutch a try go here: In the meantime Roadkill is working on some new bouts coming up in the new season. First up is a practice scrimmage in Arnhem this…

August 14, 2017
Sim Reaper over Roller Derby

Check out this video made by Dylan van den Heuvel where SIm Reaper explains (in Dutch) why decided to play roller derby.

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