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On 16 December we traveled to Heerlen to celebrate Pink Peril’s 12,5 year anniversary. On the roller derby track, we battled them together with team mates from Arnhem Fallen Angels that we are glad could join us. After the first game, a few of our players even went for a second match and participated in the combi-team of Market Gardeners that played against team The World.

First time players

We are especially proud of our Roadkill Rollers players Fleetwood Smack, Kleine Beer and Alotta Anxious. As you can see in the picture, they came of the track with a nice shot of endorphins and adrenaline after playing their very first game.

Final score

It was an epic bout that ended in a really close call with the end result of Pink Peril 172 – Roadkill Rollers 176. Thanks for an awesome fun-packed derby day Pink Peril and all players, refs, nso’s and other volunteers!

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