Roadkill Rollers in a nutshell

We are a derby league based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We train twice a week at “Sporthal De Horstacker” with a game team and newbies (aka Fresh Meat) who are learning all the cool moves and how to play roller derby.

What’s Roller Derby?

It’s a full contact sport on quad roller skates. Two teams compete on an oval track. The jammer of each team aims to overtake the blockers from the other team. Here comes the fun: players may obstruct their opponents in the process!

Never been on skates? No problem.
Roadkill has fantastic trainers.
In 3 months I was playing scrimmages.

Ridin’ Dirty

Latest news and upcoming events


Due to corona measures in the Netherlands, all Roadkill Rollers activities have been cancelled until further notice


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TBAFresh Meat Bootcamp
TBASmall Teams Tournament