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  1. Fresh Meat Bootcamp
  2. March 30: Fresh Meat Night
  3. [DUTCH] “Meedoen-regeling” van Gemeente Nijmegen ook van toepassing bij Roadkill Rollers
  4. Fresh Meat Open training an exciting success!
  5. January 5: Fresh Meat Night!
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January 21, 2018
Fresh Meat Bootcamp

Roadkill Rollers is once again organiszing their annual Fresh Meat Bootcamp on March 4, 2018. This bootcamp will be focussed on the essential beginners skills for the MST. But advanced skaters can also apply if they wish tyo refresh their basic skills. Also a good opportunity to get to know other skaters and challenge yourself…

January 7, 2018
March 30: Fresh Meat Night

First semester is about to end, Fresh Meats of the world unite! Friday March 30 Roadkill Rollers will hold their Fresh Meat Night. This is an open training for anyone that is interested. If you have never skated before…come by and we’ll show you how! If you have skated before and want to join a…

January 7, 2018
[DUTCH] “Meedoen-regeling” van Gemeente Nijmegen ook van toepassing bij Roadkill Rollers

Na een leuke periode van constructieve gesprekken, onderzoek en ondersteuning vanuit de buurtcoach, is Roadkill Rollers nu officieel partner van de gemeente Nijmegen m.b.t. de Meedoen-regeling. Wat is de Meedoen-regeling? Voor iedereen wiens inkomen aan de lage kant is en die weinig ruimte heeft voor bijvoorbeeld het Roadkill lidmaatschap, kan dit een uitkomst zijn:…/uitkering-schul…/meedoen-regeling/…

May 28, 2017
Aug. 29 – Fresh Meat Day – beginners training

Video © Dylan van den Heuvel * English below * Op 29 augustus is de jaarlijkse Roadkill Rollers Fresh Meat Night. Schrijf je nu alvast in! Als je geïnteresseerd bent in rollerderby en wil zien waar die sport nu eigenlijk om draait is dit je kans. De Fresh Meat Night is een jaarlijkse beginnerstraining voor…

May 25, 2017
Triple Header Madness!!!

June 10, 2017 – Roller Derby Triple Header – Nijmegen NIJMEGEN – Nijmegens own roller derby league, Roadkill Rollers, is celebrating her 2,5 years existence on June 10 in their home venue Sporthal de Horstacker. With not one, not two, but three bouts in a single day! The doors will open at 11:30 and at 12:00 the…

February 12, 2017
Two years of roadkill…

Roadkill Rollers are celebrating our second anniversary. We would like to do this with a doubleheader. We are looking for Refs and NSO’s. Roadkill Rollers doesn’t have any Refs(yet), so we could use all the help we can get. Please help us out, on Sunday the 12th of february from 12.00 till … We are…

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