Upcoming games and events

Date Game/ Event Location
To be announcedOpen TrainingNijmegen
To be announcedFresh Meat BootcampNijmegen
To be announcedSmall Teams TournamentNijmegen

Game history

Date (DD-MM-YYYY)TeamsFinal scoreLocation
24-09-2022ThunderDoms VS Team Eastside 151 – 238Utrecht
09-11-2019Aces of Pain VS Roadkill Rollers203 - 117Den Haag
29-06-2019Mine Monsters VS Roadkill Rollers173 - 70Oberhausen (GER)
16-06-2019Roadkill Rollers VS Keytown Roller Derby40 - 59Nijmegen (small teams tournament)
16-06-2019Roadkill Rollers VS Pinkperil101 - 30Nijmegen (small teams tournament)
16-06-2019Roadkill Rollers VS Black Sheep Honey Rollers40 - 59Nijmegen (small teams tournament)
07-04-2019Black Sheep Honey Rollers VS Roadkill Rollers103 - 204Breda
04-11-2018Thunderdoms VS Roadkill Rollers273 – 175Utrecht
03-12-2017Roadkill Rollers VS Black Sheep Honey Rollers258 – 218Nijmegen
10-06-2017Roadkill Rollers VS Namur Roller Girls191 – 129Nijmegen
12-02-2017Roadkill Rollers VS Thunderdoms (DCD B)136 – 339Nijmegen
26-11-2016Roadkill Rollers VS Pink Peril50 – 111 Heerlen (small teams tournament)
26-11-2016Rock City Rollers B VS Roadkill Rollers107 – 27Heerlen (small teams tournament)
22-10-2016Parliament of Pain VS Roadkill Rollers345 – 111Den Haag
05-03-2016Roadkill Rollers VS Pink Peril115 – 289Nijmegen