Upcoming games and events

Date Game/ Event Location
To be announcedRoadkill Rollers VS Namur Roller GirlsNijmegen
To be announcedMine Monsters VS Roadkill RollersOberhausen (GER)
To be announcedFresh Meat BootcampNijmegen
To be announcedSmall Teams TournamentNijmegen

Game history

Date (DD-MM-YYYY)TeamsFinal scoreLocation
09-11-2019Aces of Pain VS Roadkill Rollers203 - 117Den Haag
29-06-2019Mine Monsters VS Roadkill Rollers173 - 70Oberhausen (GER)
16-06-2019Roadkill Rollers VS Keytown Roller Derby40 - 59Nijmegen (small teams tournament)
16-06-2019Roadkill Rollers VS Pinkperil101 - 30Nijmegen (small teams tournament)
16-06-2019Roadkill Rollers VS Black Sheep Honey Rollers40 - 59Nijmegen (small teams tournament)
07-04-2019Black Sheep Honey Rollers VS Roadkill Rollers103 - 204Breda
04-11-2018Thunderdoms VS Roadkill Rollers273 – 175Utrecht
03-12-2017Roadkill Rollers VS Black Sheep Honey Rollers258 – 218Nijmegen
10-06-2017Roadkill Rollers VS Namur Roller Girls191 – 129Nijmegen
12-02-2017Roadkill Rollers VS Thunderdoms (DCD B)136 – 339Nijmegen
26-11-2016Roadkill Rollers VS Pink Peril50 – 111 Heerlen (small teams tournament)
26-11-2016Rock City Rollers B VS Roadkill Rollers107 – 27Heerlen (small teams tournament)
22-10-2016Parliament of Pain VS Roadkill Rollers345 – 111Den Haag
05-03-2016Roadkill Rollers VS Pink Peril115 – 289Nijmegen