Roadkill Rollers are celebrating our second anniversary. We would like to do this with a doubleheader. We are looking for Refs and NSO’s.

Roadkill Rollers doesn’t have any Refs(yet), so we could use all the help we can get.
Please help us out, on Sunday the 12th of february from 12.00 till …

We are looking for Refs and NSO’s to make this day a success. To express gratitude we offer a delicious lunch!

First game is from 13.00u till 14.30u Arnhem Fallen Angels VS * ………….
Second game is from 15.30u till 17.00u Roadkill Rollers VS The Thunderdoms (DCD-B)

Sporthal Horstacker
Horstacker 1401
6546 EK Nijmegen (Netherlands)

If you travel by train we can send someone to pick you up from the train station.

If you have questions you mail us at