After last years successful edition this year we will be doing another bootcamp to get our fresh meat ready for the minimal skills test and to boost their derby experience in general. The bootcamp will be held on June 19 from 12:00 till 17:00. We have arranged for four trainers to help everyone improve their basic skills. Two of those you already know, namely our own Miss Narcissistic and Lizz Fightgear. The other two pro’s will be provided by Northern Lightning Rollergirls from up north in the Netherlands: General Tessa and Marit. Be sure to participate because bootcamps are very instructive and a lot of fun. Sign ups are still open, send a mail to

To make the day go smoothly we are still looking for some extra volunteers. In particular those with EHBO (First Aid) experience. So if you have an open agenda for that day be sure to sign in with Saint Michel and Barbie the Barbarian.