When we started this club in 2015 we would have never dreamt of this. To put on a double header on our 1-year-anniversary and participate with a full A team! To top it all off we had more than 200 people in attendance and we also scored more than a hundred points (which is a lot for a first bout).

I don’t know how it looked from the sidelines but to be skating on the track after more than a year of practice was one of the best things ever. Time flew by and before we knew we were already in the last jam of the game.

We also learned a lot during our first bout. Among other things Tom and myself (Tiny) have learned that it is not smart to comment during an official review: “They make backblocks.” Cause then the Head Ref will nonchalantly say: “Uhm.. Yeah… But that is not what offical reviews are for…” We were left speechless. Luid learned he is not supposed to hit himself whilst wearing a ring. This causes a swollen finger. Anyways, March 5 was awesome and went by too fast. Kudos to the organisers, it was epic. On to the next one!