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On february the 19th ‘Dirty Job’, owner (and skater) of Amsterdam store “The Derby Shop”, will give a clinic about skate gear for anyone from our club that wants to attend. During this clinic she will explain everything there is to know about protection equipment, skates, wheels and how to best maintain all of these things. She will bring some of her own gear from the shop to illustrate and she’ll also be selling some stuff. An excellent opportunity to try out something, go for a test run in the venue and perhaps a purchase.

If you are already set on trying out some of her merch, let her know in advance what kind of item you are looking for. This will help her to make sure she’s bringing the correct gear and amounts to Nijmegen.

The clinic will take place in the cantina of our regular training hall De Horstacker. After the clinic Saint will give a Fresh Meat training.

The Derby Shop:


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